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Zulugrass is a fair trade, natural and sustainable jewelry created by The Leakey Collection in 2002. Handmade by artisans in the Rift Valley of Kenya in East Africa, these colour strands are created from grass and fallen wood. They're lightweight, and incredibly versatile. There are endless ways to wear zulugrass, but we thought we'd share one of our favourites with you here. Check out below for a step by step guide on how to build your very own zulugrass necklace. 


Above two photos taken in Kenya by The Leakey Collection.


Build your own Zulugrass Necklace


To build your own Zulu grass necklace, you will need:

1) A selection of Zulugrass strands plus a bead or charm to attach to each one. (we recommend 5 zulugrass strands) Repurpose beads and charms unused in your jewelry box or have a look at our charms available online. 

2) 1 additional strand and a silver clasp to attach the necklace around your neck



Step 1 | Start with one zulu grass strand and your favourite bead or charm to begin building your necklace.

Step 2 | Fold the strand in half and begin weaving through the centre of the bead.

Step 3 | Weave the bead to the centre of the strand. It should look like this.

Step 4 | Repeat Step 2 with 4 other strands. Mix and match charms and beads with your zulugrass!

Step 5 | Take each strand and bead combo and begin gathering all the sets together. Note: These beads are not available online. Mix and match some of your favourite beads from home or shop our fallen wood heart charms here.

Step 6 | The strands should be gathered like this once you've finished.

Step 7 | With an additional zulugrass strand, you'll be able to attach the necklace behind your neck.

Step 8 | Fold the strand in half and begin weaving it through one side of your 5 gathered strand/bead sets.

Step 9 | Once you've woven it through, fold the strand in half again. It should look like this.

Step 10 | Now you'll need your silver clasp. Weave it on the other side of the 5 gathered strand/bead sets. Then, attach it to the single strand you've used to bring it all together.

Step 11 | Once you're all finished, your necklace should look like this!


This is one of our favourite ways to play with zulugrass. But, there are so many other ways you can wear them- take a single and wear it as a wrap bracelet, or grab a few strands and wear them around your neck for a minimalist look. The possibilities are endless- have fun with it!

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July 28, 2015 — Melanie Guilbault