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The Pure Art Foundation is a registered Canadian charity working to empower marginalized communities  to develop sustainably through health, shelter, education, and entrepreneurship programs.

We primarily work with families in the Manantay slums of Pucallpa, Peru, who are living without access to clean water, housing, the means to an education or local first-line health careOur objective is to assist individuals become active participants in their communities, contributing to growth, resilience and economic independence. 

Our focus is on fully transparent and accountable programs that, through their sustainable and capacity-building nature, significantly  impact the lives of those in need.



By partnering with the Pure Art Boutique, that absorbs the administrative costs of running the Foundation, we ensure that 100% of public donations go directly to our sustainable development programs.

The Art of Shopping with a Purpose™ is a partnership between the Pure Art Foundation and the Pure Art Boutique. It’s a model, beyond charity, that brings Fair Trade principles, talented artisans & sustainable development into a partnership that empowers marginalized communities from around the world. Working directly with artisan co-ops & other fair trade brands with their own social missions, we are able to create a ripple effect for social change.

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