Our 2015 Christmas Card Set

It's that time of year again- this season's Christmas card collection, illustrated by Sebastian McKinnon and narrated by Liam McKinnon, is finally ready! Now available online for purchase, the card set, entitled Courage, My Love, will be available at the Boutique as of this Thursday. Have a look at the set of 6 original illustrations below, the third installment in a series of short stories following the Moon's Daughter. Last year's card set, When Starlight Fallswill soon be available as a children's book, both online and the Boutique! And, the very original children's book, The Moon's Daughter is available here

100% of profits go directly to the Pure Art Foundation's One School for All Initiative. Funds aid in sponsoring the cost of school materials, books & uniforms for children attending school in the Amazon city of Pucallpa, Peru. With the purchase of Courage, My Love, you are contributing to a collaborative vision to provide the gift of education to children around the world. 

Illustrations by Sebastian McKinnon. Story excerpt from Courage, My Love by Liam McKinnon.

"Moon’s Daughter had never been so far from home; she wished for glimpses of her father’s crescent smile. “Courage, my love.” said Fox, “Even in shadow, I see pockets of moonlight in your eyes”"
November 23, 2015 — Melanie Guilbault