Soaps for a Cause


This year, the Pure Art Foundation would like to purchase an empty lot in Pucallpa, Peru to expand on a new youth initiative: Community Gardens and Youth Centre for Adolescents.

To do so, we need to raise $10,000. That’s why we thought of collaborating with local soap maker Sylvie, from Nous le Savon. Together, we put together a kit of 5 100% natural and handmade soaps that costs $20. For every kit sold, $10 will go directly to the Foundation in order to help with the purchase of the lot.

Help us to make this new project come to life!

Olive oil, coconut, calendula, eco-responsible palm.
Colorants: plant powder and clay.
Scents: essential oils and organic aromatic essences.

In each kit you will get:

  • 1 exfoliating soap apricot pit soap
  • 1 indian verbena soap
  • 1 eucalyptus/peppermint/litsea soap
  • 1 honey soap
  • 1 lavender/rosemary soap